Friday, July 1, 2011

New Modern String Quilt Bee

While I'm getting lots of WIP's finished, I started a new virtual quilting bee - the Modern String Quilt Bee. I know that sounds contridicting but the bee doesn't start until August so hopefully I will have most of my WIP list knocked out by then!

Ever since I saw this quilt that Ashley from FITF made, I've obsessed over making one. I love the scrappiness of it and I think it looks awesome with all the bright colors. Its even better that it uses scraps!!!

So...I started a small virtual quilting bee to make this quilt. There are 5 other members and it will last until February 2011. Taking December off was a must, it gets crazy here! Each person has a month where they receive 5 blocks from each of the 5 other members so when its your month, you get a total of 25 blocks. The blocks will be finished at 8" each so essentially you could make a 40" quilt. Of course, I will probably make some blocks myself to add to the blocks I receive so that my quilt will be bigger.
I'm so excited about this bee. There are so many great quilters that have joined and I know they have great stashes! Can't wait to see what kind of blocks I receive. My month is October!!

Back to those WIP's....
I mailed off both my SUTK swap package and my Embroider Bee Blocks today.


I also finished the birthday gift for my friend Jenna. Here is my list now with some more things marked off!!

1. Aqua/Brown Crocheted afghan
2. Jane market Bag for myself
3. Zipper pouch for a friends birthday
4. Scrappy patchwork ironing board cover
5. 3 more cloth napkins for our table (finished the others:))
6. Placemats for the dining table
7. Sunglasses holder for myself
8. USA embroidery pattern
9. "i spy" Hexie quilt
10. Final block for Embroider Bee
11. Rug for SUTK swap
12. Kitchen Towel for SUTK swap
13. Jane Market bag for PP8
14. Kitchen towels for PP8

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